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Cobb Hill cheese

our own cheeses

5lb of cheese wedges

5lb box of mixed, vacuum sealed pieces of our award winning cheeses.

Available: 99
cheese share for October

Receive a 1/2-3/4lb wedge of our delicious cheese every week. October share starts October  7th and goes for 4 weeks. Pick-up each week between Thursday and Sunday at your convenience from our farm stand.

Available: 39
say cheese

Our own artisan cheese made on the farm with our milk. Cobb Hill cheese has many types available. Order for next day pick-up at our farm stand.

Ascutney-2lbs ($30.00)
Oh My Gouda, 2lbs ($28.00)
Caerphilly, 2lb ($28.00)
Holy Smokes, Gouda 2.25lbs ($40.00)
Good, Old Gouda-2lbs ($30.00)
Surprise me-1lb ($13.00)
Heavenly Havarti-2lb ($30.00) [10 avail]
Havarti mix-aged, baby and dill-2lbs ($30.00) [4 avail]
whole wheel of Ascutney Mtn cheese ($135.00) [16 avail]
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