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Jerseys for sale

heifers and bull available

 We have three heifers in thre New England Jersey Breeder Classic. Look for our fancy Badger heifer ready for showing and two well grown bred heifers too.

 Currently have a mix of Axis, Badger, Irwin, Calypso, and Branson heifers up and coming/ Look for them at JMS sale in 2016.


We are grateful to everyone who have purchased a heifer from us through the National Heifer Sale, Pot of Gold Sale, All American Sale and the New England Breeder Classic.

Past favorites

Pot of Gold 2013 and 2014 sisters:

Cedar Mtn Farm Topeka Garnet and Cedar Mtn Farm Axis Goldie

Cedar Mtn Farm Gannon Lucinda

Cedar Mtn Farm Plus Aquamarine-P

Pot of Gold 2015 6th place winner:

Cedar Mountain Farm Plus Olivia