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Jersey milk and beef

Pastured Jersey cows

Runner-up for Dairy Farm of the Year 2013!

Registered Jerseys, a REAP herd, since 1998


All about the Cows


Our jersey cows and steers graze from May to mid-October. We practice management intensive grazing which means the cows get a new paddock of grass every day. They are fed a ration from Poulin Grain, which is matched to meet the needs of our cows. The cows eat hay from our land and from Maplerow Farm in Whiter River Jct.

             The cows live in a new “superstructure” barn during the non-grazing season and can sleep in the barn on hot summer days. They are bedded on a sawdust pack, which keeps the cows clean and comfortable.They have their hooves trimmed twice a year to maintain sound, healthy feet. Our herd is vaccinated against diseases that threaten animal and human life-rabies, BVD, respiratory illnesses, brucellosis, leptosporosis and coliform mastitis.  The herd is tested annually for Tubercullosis and Brucellosis. The cows are on Dairy Herd Improvement (DHIA), which means the milk from each cow is tested monthly for volume, butterfat, protein, bacteria and feed efficiency.The herd is under the veterinary care of Dr. Jadene Patch.Our milking cows range in age from 2 to 12 years old. The cows here average age is 5.6 years, national average lifespan for a dairy cow is 5 years or three lactations before culling for beef.


The life cycle of a cow
        We study each cow's pedigree ad her conformation in every breeding, building genetically and physically sound offspring. Each cow reaches puberty around 7 months of age. We breed our heifers at 10-14 months old once they have grown to a desired size, as they should be 66% of adult weight at breeding. We use artificial insemination to bred all our cows. We use sexed semen, which has been gender selected on the cows and heifers that we want a heifer calf from. If the cow does not return to heat and require a second service, we have our vet ultrasound the cow after 30 days to check on the fetus. A cow has a nine month gestation. The cows calf in a clean, dry stall in the barn, during all hours of the day or night.  The calf receives colostrum, a towel dry-off and a coat shortly after birth.


Replacement heifers for sale

Heifers from our very good cow -84% average milking herd are for sale.  AI sired heifers from top bulls including Allstar, Voltage, Calypso, Axis, Zayd, Plus and Topeka. For sale by private treaty or through Jersey Marketing Services. AI quality bulls available.

Some of our favorite cows

Cedar Mountain Farm Ace Daphne-E 91%

Cedar Mtn Farm Gannon Bethany-E 92%

Cedar Mountain Farm Impuls Chloe-VG 88%

Cedar Mtn Farm Ace Rose-E 90%

Cedar Mt Hadyn Clementine-Excellent 90% GJPI102
6-07 305 2 18,220lb 4.2 758 3.2 589 2025C

Cedar Mnt Farm Impuls Hermione-Very good 86% GJPI125

Cedar Mt Hadyn Coral Bell-Excellent 90%

Cedar Mt Farm McKenzie Tahiti-Very good 84%
4-10 305 2 22432 4.4 984 3.7 821 2714C 22656M 964F 805P 2659C 98DCR

Cedar Mtn Manhatten Tangerine-very good 87%
305 2X ME AVG 1L 17137M 858F 656P 2270C


How can I buy beef?

From our beef, farm raised and USDA inspected. 25 or 50lb Mix of hamburger, roasts, stew meat and steaks. CSA members can buy an Omnivore share and get beef every week in their basket. Individual cuts available at our farm stand and at the Lebanon and DHMC Farmers Markets. Enjoy our beef at Harpoon Brewery and The Windsor Station in Windsor Vermont

Enjoy our milk in Cobb Hill Cheese

How can I buy raw milk?

  The Jersey cows’ milk

averages 4.7% butterfat , 3.75 %protein, and 5.7% other solids. Their rich milk makes thick yogurt, cream for coffee and tasty skim milk.

The farm has scheduled milk pick-up slots. Each customer has a slot with a specific amount. Milk customers can fill out the form to request days/ amount of milk. Space is limited, so list a few choices for pick-up or let us choose.

The are shelves to hold empty milk bottles and a refridge to hold filled jars.

Payment is due upon pick-up or monthly pre-payment  option.

Weekly pick-ups required, with credit given for vacations with notice of absence.

Available in 1qt, 1/2 gallon, or 1 gallon multiples. You provide the clean, labeled glass jars. Canning jars are easy to keep clean.

Prices per pick-up:

$ 3.25 a half gallon

$ 6.00 per gallon

$ 5.5 per gallon, 2 gallons or more



How to take care

of your milk


Jar sanitization

1. Rinse empty jar with warm water.

2. Wash with hot water and soap, using  a  green scrubbie, or nylon bottle brush.

3. Rinse with cool water.

4. Final step: soak in Chlorox solution: 1 tbs/1 gallon of water for 1 minute or in 170 * F water for 5 minutes.

5. Allow to dry thoroughly before putting lid on.

Keep your milk cold on the way home. Put milk in a cooler to maintain 50* F temperature.

Only pour milk from jar, don’t insert un-sanitized utensil







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