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Spring has arrived on the farm

Posted 3/31/2019 2:13pm by Kerry Gawalt.

Dear CSA members and farm friends,

Last week saw both deep winter and spring weather. We had two very cold nights followed by warm, windy and wet days. We have been bust planting in the heated greenhouse. All around the farm the transition from winter to spring can be seen. The snow is melting, the cows are shedding their winter coats and the farm road is a mix of ice and mud. One of the big projects each spring is moving cow manure to the compost stacking pad. We store the material from the barn in a covered manure storage facility before moving it out to the stacking pad. We make millions of pounds of compost each year to feed our soils, our neighbors gardens and sell the rest to commercial growers. This last week we got our tomato, eggplant and pepper greenhouse ready for the early May planting date. Our high tunnel was hit by a freak wind sheer which ripped the wood, metal and plastic off it. It sent the plastic and 100 feet of steel pipe more than 100 feet from the greenhouse. Luckily no one was hurt and no other property was damaged. We will be working with local builders to rebuild it in the next few weeks. This greenhouse will hold all the baby greens for the first baskets in May. We are excited to have sweet, hot, frying, yellow, red and Mexican peppers, traditional, lavender and long purple eggplants, cherry, tomatillos, red, plum, orange and tie dyed tomatoes growing. We have 3 types of greenhouse tomatoes for extended season harvesting. We have flats of yellow and red beets, rainbow chard, green kale, Russian kale, arugula, lettuce, spinach and stir-fry greens started indoors. Our vegetable wash and pack area has been completely overhauled. We are installing a new 3 basin stainless sink and stainless shelves.The calves are growing and waiting for their weekly walks outside. In the cheese plant we are working on two new cheese-Havarti and Havarti with dill. We are looking for help in naming both cheeses. Email the farm with your ideas.


for the farm crew