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Meet Dora and Chloe the cows

Posted 2/15/2017 10:30am by Kerry Gawalt.

Dora on the right and Chloe on the left are two of our favorite jersey cows. They are both 6 years old. Dora is Chloe's aunt. Dora has had 4 heifers calves and will calve again in September. Chloe is overdue waiting for calf number 5 to arrive. Dora's daughters are Dolce, Doris, Dorothy and Doretta. Doris and Dora were NH state champion 4-H animals in 2014. Chloe was grand champion at our local 4-H show in 2014. Chloe has a lovely yearling daughter with an AI prospect pregnancy. Dora was a blue ribbon winner at the Tunbridge Fair last fall. Both Dora and Chloe love people and enjoy going on field trips.