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Dairy of Distinction winner!

Posted 7/1/2013 3:52am by Kerry Gawalt.

Dairy of Distinction Program


The Dairy of Distinction Program recognizes dairy farmers for their contribution to Vermont’s beauty and to the image of the dairy industry.  Attractive dairies give the consumer greater confidence in the wholesomeness of milk and stimulate milk sales which encourages public support for the dairy industry.  The Dairy of Distinction award gives recognition to the dairy farmer for maintaining a well-kept farmstead.

Any dairy farmer in Vermont that ships milk from cows, sheep, or goats is eligible to apply to have their farm recognized as a Dairy of Distinction.  Dairies that are selected will be recognized at a luncheon to be held at the Champlain Valley Fair every year. Visit the Vermont Dairy website for a list of winners.

Judging Criteria

Dairy of Distinction judges look at the cleanliness, physical condition, and uniform appearance of buildings; neat and appropriate landscaping; well graded roads and lanes; fences in good repair; neat ditches that are free of debris; cleanliness of animals; neat barnyards; clean roads free of mud and manure; manure storage facilities out of view; farm machinery that is parked in an orderly fashion; no apparent pollution of streams; clean feed areas; and all unnecessary machinery stored out of sight.